Far Out Man

For the latest novel by Detroit USA author Chuck Snearly, the psychedelic narrative was transformed into an immersive and trippy augmented reality experience. Using the Blippar app, readers can scan the book cover and watch as it comes to life.

Story Outline

“Jack Crost is a professor of sixties literature with a painful past who teaches the ideals of peace and love. His beliefs are tested when a series of vicious attacks cost him his job and his life – and then things get worse. After a near-death experience in the emergency room that includes an encounter with a famous TV puppet, his resuscitated life takes off in a wild new direction as he tries to figure out what’s going on. From ruins to raves to the rooftops of Detroit, his pursuit of the truth leads him to a final deadly confrontation. Bummer.”

Role: Creative Direction, Design, Animation
Agency: jgontko.com x Blippar